The Design And Development Of 'Fitmy App': The Ultimate Technology To Help Students Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle


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Physical activities have scientifically been proven to improve health and overall quality of life. It has been reported that many university students are physically inactive with a sedentary lifestyle. With the advent of wireless technology, the presence of various mobile applications is considered a promising tool for promoting physical activities to university students. This study aims to educate and assist university students about health and fitness through using the FitMy App, which offers multiple benefits, including generating suitable physical activities and exercises for every individual's present condition. The design and development of the FitMy App are directed towards the intention of educating and assisting university students in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The analysis further identifies the university students' health consciousness and the usability of the FitMy App in educating and assisting university students in maintaining their health. Employing a quantitative research approach, a set of questionnaires is used as the research instrument, comprising forty questions categorised into four sections and distributed to 200 university students as respondents. Data was analysed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23. Results revealed that the respondents highly liked the user interface design and user experiences of the FitMy App, and all of them would like to use the application again. The overall positive feedback gathered from the participants revealed that the FitMy App is significantly effective and useful towards educating and assisting university students in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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