Authentic Assessment on Learning Skills of Undergraduates in a Public University in China


Authentic Assessment
Learning Skills
Assessment Literacy
Assessment Method
Constructivist Learning Theory


Although the adoption of assessment methods is constantly undergoing reform, assessment practices seem to continue adopting a monolithic educational convention in China. The principal reason is that education in China is largely test-oriented, with standardized tests being the conventional means of measuring performance and learning outcomes. However, standardized tests do not enhance learning skills. Meanwhile, authentic assessment is rarely seen being used as an alternative assessment in the Chinese educational system despite its successful complementary role to conventional assessment in other educationally advanced countries. In addressing the limitations, the employment of authentic assessment is a possible option for engaging students in real-world practices and enhancing their learning abilities and skills, since it advocates independent exploration and collaborative problem-solving. The constructivist learning theory advocates the use of authentic assessments as it positively correlates with learning skills for cognitive flexibility. Thus, a study will be conducted in a Chinese university, aiming to investigate the effects of authentic assessment on the development of learning skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking among undergraduates and explore the challenges faced by teachers in adopting authentic assessment. The study would provide both administrators and teachers with new insights on how to effectively adopt authentic assessment in classroom instruction, enhance teachers' assessment literacy, and enrich teachers’ instruction-related knowledge and skills.

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